Generally you can call us, whenever you want to practice Naikan. We will try to make it possible for you immediately. The official dates guarantee a regular number of interviews and the full attention of your guide. Your Naikan guide will be Sabine (except as noted otherwise), additionally there may be a co-guide or assistant.

Your cost for a one week retreat of classical NAIKAN is 790 € - 990 € (according to your possibilities), incl. lodging, meals, tax and guidance (different fee for weeks with external guiding - see below).

If you have questions or want to register, please write an email or call us: +49(0)8552/9754910.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Dates 2019

January 2019
on request
February 2019
Sat - Sat09 - 16
March 2019
not available
April 2019
Sat - Sat06 - 13
May 2019Sat - Sat18 - 25
June 2019
"Serenity welcome"

Sat - Sun

15 - 23
July 2019
in Krafthof, Stallwang

Sat - Sat

27 - Aug. 03
August 2019Tue - Tue (AI)27 - Sept. 03
September 2019Fri - Fri (AI)06 - 13
October 2019
"Menopause welcome"

Sat - Sun

26 - Nov. 03
November 2019Sat - Sat23 - 30
December 2019
"Silence welcome"

Sat - Sat
Thu - Sun

01 - 08
12 - 21


Weeks announced with "... welcome" are group seminars in which Naikan is used as part of a comprehensive self-experience program. Details of these programs will follow soon.

Weeks that are advertised with (AI), will be guided by Prof. em. Akira Ishii. In the period from August 27th to 29th, 2019, he will be accompanied by Mrs. Setsuko Nakano, who runs one of the most successful Japanese Naikan Centers.

Also, details to the Naikan retreat in Krafthof, Stallwang in 2019 July, follow asap.

first day: 6 pm (arrival time 5 pm)
last day approx. 11 am
Fee in 2019:€ 790 - € 990 (according to your possibilities - if you could not attend because of financial reasons, please do not hesitate to contact us)
incl. lodging, meals, tax, guidance
Different fee for:
(AI) = Naikan guided by Prof. Akira Ishii
min. EUR 920
For questions or registration, please call us (*49(0)8552/9754910) or write an Email:
The decision about YOUR time is up to you!