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Peter Heintze

Born in 1950 for many years he had been with the German Armed Forces as helicopter flight engineer at the search and rescue division. During this time he also had been based at Sardinia, whereby his Italian language is as fluently as his English.

After his time with the helicopters, he studied tourism in Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia and worked some years as a travel agent and tour guide.

In 1998 he came back to Germany, found a new home near Munich and a new profession at the Munich Airport.

Peter loves travelling, horseback riding as well as motorbike riding and to work with motor- and buzz saw. Always bright and balanced, he is tireless working to keep house and motor pool in best condition. His craftsmanship is well known and treasured by friends and family. He even has been seen helping Sabine planting and gardening.

But also his cooking skills are excellent. Both, guests and participants love his fried mashed potatoes as well as everything else, he creates in the kitchen.
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