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Sabine Kaspari

Naikan Guide & SenTo© Practitioner

Born in Munich in 1960, mother of three sons I became self-imployed in 1988 and worked in various sectors. In 2012, together with my husband Peter, I moved from Bavaria's hop area to the beautiful Bavarian Forest. Here I feel like I have finally come home after a long, diversified and fascinating journey.

As a human being, spouse, mother and independent professional I was able to collect such diverse and valuable experience, which I could forward to hundreds of participants already.

Each single participant is my teacher and provides the chance to inner growth. Open for new things and self advancement I am pleased about each possibility, to expand my horizons - that's why life for me is always exciting.

If you want to get in touch with me, write an email or call *49(0)8552/9754910.

NAIKAN Background

2016Organization of the 11. International Naikan Congress in St. Oswald in the Bavarian Forest in cooperation with the German speaking Naikan network.
2014Guidance of the first NAIKAN retreats in Nepal as a NAIKAN guide training program for three Nepali social workers.

Link to the report (.pdf)

2014Guidance of the first Naikan retreat in the Netherlands (Organization and Co-Guiding Gerald Beek)

Link to the report (.pdf)

2013Guidance of a Naikan retreat in Belgium as part of the Naikan guide training program for Gerald Beek, Dutch Counsellor.
2013Participation at the 9. International Naikan Kongress in Tokyo, Japan. Afterwards attending a traditional Japanese Naikan retreat with Mrs. Nakano.
2012Relocation and opening of Naikan Center Bavarian Forest
2009Guidance of the first Naikan retreat in prison of Schwäbisch-Gmünd as part of the Naikan guide training program for the local psychologist.
2007Guidance of the first Naikan retreat as independent guide
2007Assistance at Johanna Schuh's Naikan retreat in "Lindenhof Holledau"
Assistance at Prof. Akira Ishii's Naikan retreat in "Lindenhof Holledau"
2006Supporting Franz Ritter with the organization of the
6. International Naikan Congress near Vienna/Austria.
2006Start of Naikan guide training program at Franz Ritter, New World Institute, Lanzenkirchen (Austria)
2005Opening of Seminar- and Naikan-Center "Lindenhof Holledau"
2003First Naikan retreat at Josef and Helga Hartl in Bodingbach (Austria)
2002First Naikan experience, written Naikan as part of Shiatsu-study (acupressure massage)

Previous to Naikan

until 2010software trainer
until 2004event manager
since 1988self-employed
"I am gifted with a deep pleasure in DOING and BEING."
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