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NAIKAN & Naikan in Nature


Basically you can call us anytime if you want to practice Naikan. We will try to make an appointment for you as soon as possible.
However, the advertised dates guarantee * regular interviews and complete concentration of the Naikan guide.
If there is nothing else noted, you will be guided by Sabine Kaspari, a co-guide or assistant can be present as well.

If you have any questions or would like to register, please send us an email or give us a call: +49 (0)85 52/975 49 10 or +49 (0)179/209 14 39.

* If registration is in time, which is at least 10 days in advance of the retreat.

2022, FebruaryFri - Fri18 - 25Naikan classicrequest
2022, MarchSat - Sat12 - 19Naikan classicrequest
2022, AprilSun - Sun03 - 10Naikan Prof. Ishiirequest
2022, AprilFri - Fri15 - 22Naikan classicrequest
2022, AprilSat - Sat23 - 30Naikan in naturerequest
2022, MayMon - Wed02 - 04Shinrin yoku intensiverequest
2022, MaySun - Sun08 - 15Naikan classicrequest
2022, MaySun - Tue22 - 31Naikan, Morita & morerequest
2022, JuneFri - Sun03 - 05Shinrin yoku intensiverequest
2022, JuneFri - Fri10 - 17Naikan in naturerequest
2022, JulySat - Sat02 - 09Naikan classicrequest
2022, JulyFri - Sun22 - 24Shinrin yoku intensiverequest
2022, AugustSat - Sat06 - 13Naikan in naturerequest
2022, AugustWed - Wed17 - 24Naikan Prof. Ishiiwaiting list


Your investment for one week of classical Naikan is
860 € - 1.060 € (depending on your available budget), incl. accommodation, meals, seminar guide
For external guides (Prof. Akira Ishii ...), the offer "Naikan in nature" and "NewYear's Naikan" there is a surcharge of
230 €. In addition, a minimum number of 2 participants applies to these seminars.

Naikan & Japanese Psychology


Due to the structure of this seminar, as an individual participant you can only register on the dates above . At least 4 participants are required for the realization.

From a group of at least 4 to a maximum of 8 people, we are happy to tailor the program to your individual needs (e.g. 4 days, focus on burnout prevention ...) – please contact us for an offer.


490 € for accommodation and board, plus
400 € - 800 € (according to own valuation) for seminar guidance
Registration formalities


By registering, you agree to the registration formalities.
Since there are always participants who are happy to give more than the minimum contribution, on request, we can grant discounts to people with low income.

Registration formalities