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Eastern and Western wisdom united in the heart of Europe - the Bavarian Forest

Classic introspection = Naikan classic
A week-long silent retreat that lets you relive your past with three simple questions.

Introspection & Nature = Naikan in Nature
The classic one-week introspection takes place largely in nature while walking, also in silence.

Days of Change = a group event
Experience two successful Japanese psychotherapies (Naikan, Morita Therapy) and healing forest bathing (Shinrin Yoku) in the unique, home-like environment of your leader. A quiet, profound seminar that engages all the senses and lets you discover yourself anew.



Naikan classic
means to retreat for a week. Similar to a retreat to the monastery or participating in a Seshin, you step back from everyday life and devote yourself exclusively to your own past.

The foundation is three questions that you apply to relationships:
1) What have I received from the person?
2) What have I given to the person?
3) What troubles and difficulties have I caused the person?

The daily routine during the Naikan week is structured:
The day starts with a "Gong",
there are three meals,
a short period of working meditation,
and a "Gong" ends the day.
The itrospection is only briefly interrupted by the above mentioned occasions. Throughout the day, your own biography is viewed chronologically with the three questions, the periods are completed by short interviews with your Naikan guide, which are held about 9 times a day.
You do not have to care about anything else, no phone calls or emails - you only need to be there for yourself.
For companies / departments , there is a possibility to integrate the 3-question method in a way that is adapted to processes in a company.

Please contact us:
+49 (0) 8552 - 975 49 10, info(at)naikan-zentrum.de.


Introspection &


Naikan in Nature – the slightly different Naikan
Some people have a special relationship with nature and feel most comfortable outdoors, in the fresh air and in motion. This form of meditative introspection is intended for them.

Depending on the weather, each day we roam through the national park on less frequented forest trails, sometimes for several hours up to all day, if the weather is particularly nice. During meditative, slow walking we practice Naikan, which means we reflect on a person in a certain period of time from our past and ask the three Naikan questions:
1) What have I received from this person?
2) What have I given to this person?
3) What troubles and difficulties have I caused?

Breaks are taken at regular intervals to summarize what has been worked out and to prepare for the interview, which takes place with Sabine . In this interview, two to three examples are given for each question. The answers are neither validated nor rated.
As usual in the classic Naikan, except for the short interviews the walks are in silence.
When rain is pouring, we stay inside and you practice in your room.
For companies / departments this form of the 3-question method can be adapted to special requirements.

Please contact us:
+49 (0) 8552 - 975 49 10, info(at)naikan-zentrum.de.


Days of Change

With various themes (anger, fear, menopause...)

An experiential program that lets you rediscover your own nature and can help you grow both personally and professionally.

In many Western approaches we assume that it is necessary to adjust or change feelings and/or thoughts before we can take action. In fact, however, it is often these efforts to change feelings that worsen the condition. It is possible to participate constructively in life despite negative feelings and thoughts. Here, among other things, you will find out how.

What you can expect:

    • Daily lessons and practice sessions on Naikan, Morita and Kaizen
    • Daily morning exercises and evening self-reflection times to strengthen body and mind
    • Individual conversations on your personal questions, challenges and goals
    • FOREST meditations, games, adventures
    • Healthy vegetarian food prepared in community
    • Access to materials and books related to the topics discussed
    • Community, music, games and lots of laughter
    • A beautiful, quiet environment that ideally supports your self-awareness process

Based on the 5 elements teachings of TCM, certain themes are the focus of each program, depending on the season in which they are offered:

  • Spring (Wood): anger, flexibility
  • Summer (Fire): Decisions, clarity
  • Late Summer (Earth): Self-care, menopause
  • Autumn (Metal): Structure, releasing
  • Winter (Water): Fear, courage, death, new beginnings

We offer the program in a short (5 days, 4 nights = 450 - 700 €, depending on income) and the longer form (8 days, 7 nights = 990 - 1490 €, depending on income).

The program is excellent for companies, as a team building activity, incentive and more. It can be individually adjusted.

Please contact us:

    +49 (0) 8552 - 975 49 10, info(at)naikan-zentrum.de.

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