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9. July 2021

Days of Silence

This completely different program will show you how to reshape your life in a silent, kind way.
7. July 2020

Becoming happier with gratitude

Gratitude is much more than just words you say to someone when you have received something. Rather, gratitude is a deep feeling that opens up your […]
25. June 2020

5 proven strategies against burnout

Burnout is a physical illness that affects more and more people, and this for the most diverse reasons. Many people feel overwhelmed in their job or […]
17. June 2020

Japan trip canceled due to Corona

The planned trip to Japan for the 40th anniversary has been canceled until further notice…
29. July 2019

40 Years of Naikan in Europe

In 1980 the first Naikan weeks took place outside of Japan, first in Austria, then in Germany. This year we will celebrate this anniversary with a […]